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Minimalist Bathroom Furniture U-(you)

The U-(you) bathroom furniture looks like a tilted U and is aimed at a cost-conscious target group with an individual taste. In order to keep production costs low, the production process was reduced to two steps. First the CNC surface finish, followed by thermal moulding. Thanks to their smooth surface the pieces of furniture are easy to assemble and clean. To further enhance the ease of cleaning, 6-mm spacers were developed for wall mounting. In conclusion the U-(you) bathroom furniture has a simple and minimalistic design that looks very good. The U-(you) bathroom furniture is manufactured by Kolpsan


Ravishing Apartment Combines Contemporary And Vintage Styles

An old mansion in Belgium, in the city of Ghent, shelters an astonishing apartment. The first thing you see is that there are no doors in the apartment. The owner does not like doors, so the space remained open and the interior design concentrates on the placement of the furniture. Exquisite furniture was carefully chosen to compliment the interiors of the apartment. The basic colours used as background are black and white. Coloured details like the yellow fridge or the light brown of the couch look ravishing against the white walls. Black storage cabinets run along the wall in the living room from one end to another. Large windows spread sunlight across the room and make this space an open field of dreams. The living room is centered around a distressed leather B&B Bambole vintage that lies on top of a beautiful vintage area rug. Everything in this home seems to remind us of a simple space filled with personality – home to many beloved items. Photos: Vercruysse Frederik


Surprisingly Small Apartment In Paris With A Charming Red&White Interior

For today we would like to showcase this charming small apartment located in Montmatre, Paris. Just one look at the photos below and one is surely to fall for its tasteful, captivating and alluring appearance. Designed by , this charming crib has no more than 25 square meters and consists of a single room, intelligently split into a bedroom and a living space. The panel beneath the two was initially an entire wall, but the architects decided to reduce it to its structure, creating a see-through unit of a great aesthetic effect. This also ensures a higher level of natural light throughout the day. The bathroom is conveniently “hidden” in the back wall of the apartment. The color palette is particularly eye-catching and is responsible for the mesmerizing contrast between the wooden floors and the furniture.


Surprising Edwardian Building Renovation In Australia: The Brick House

Looking for another design dialect, Clare Cousins Architects imagined an original looking home entitled Brick House and situated in Prahran, Victoria, Australia. The venture is an expansion and renovation to a single fronted Edwardian-style dwelling. Protection from looming neighboring pads was one of the main solicitations said in the proprietor’s concise, which is the reason two new structures were imagined to case a private focal patio space between them. In spite of its imposing, seemingly shut exterior, the Brick House can be defined as upbeat and inviting.


Beautiful And Practical Tiny Apartment Interior Design

If you want to see a great example of small space interior design then welcome to this bright and well planned apartment that exudes peace and quiet, despite its central location in the middle of Vaasa. The apartment rooms are well planned and each square meter used in the best possible way. This small apartment has only 41.5 square meters, but you have to admit that it looks awesome. The apartment heart must be considered the bright living room, that has a sofa where all friends can huddle up in front of the TV and in a corner a practical workplace where creativity flows freely. The large windows create an open and airy feeling as rays of the sun pours in. – Found on Alvhemmakler


Children’s Bedrooms By Dearkids: A Splash Of Color And A Dash Of Delight

Set to be showcased at the 2009 Salone del Mobile furnishings show this April, the cool and contemporary children’s bedrooms designed by Dearkids stole our heart with their attractive shades, wonderful use of available space and great design options. The complete bedroom designs vary from the eternal favorite pink (though this one is a tad bit too dark) to trendy orange and even the plain white at times. Apart from the colors, there are various bed options available, tiny staircases, plenty of chairs, tables, cushions and all the other stuff that make a kid’s bedroom truly complete. Your little one can even display his own name proudly on the bed as it doubles up as safety railing. Colorful and full of life all the way!  –