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Ravishing Apartment Combines Contemporary And Vintage Styles

An old mansion in Belgium, in the city of Ghent, shelters an astonishing apartment. The first thing you see is that there are no doors in the apartment. The owner does not like doors, so the space remained open and the interior design concentrates on the placement of the furniture. Exquisite furniture was carefully chosen to compliment the interiors of the apartment. The basic colours used as background are black and white. Coloured details like the yellow fridge or the light brown of the couch look ravishing against the white walls. Black storage cabinets run along the wall in the living room from one end to another. Large windows spread sunlight across the room and make this space an open field of dreams. The living room is centered around a distressed leather B&B Bambole vintage that lies on top of a beautiful vintage area rug. Everything in this home seems to remind us of a simple space filled with personality – home to many beloved items. Photos: Vercruysse Frederik


Surprisingly Small Apartment In Paris With A Charming Red&White Interior

For today we would like to showcase this charming small apartment located in Montmatre, Paris. Just one look at the photos below and one is surely to fall for its tasteful, captivating and alluring appearance. Designed by , this charming crib has no more than 25 square meters and consists of a single room, intelligently split into a bedroom and a living space. The panel beneath the two was initially an entire wall, but the architects decided to reduce it to its structure, creating a see-through unit of a great aesthetic effect. This also ensures a higher level of natural light throughout the day. The bathroom is conveniently “hidden” in the back wall of the apartment. The color palette is particularly eye-catching and is responsible for the mesmerizing contrast between the wooden floors and the furniture.


Beautiful And Practical Tiny Apartment Interior Design

If you want to see a great example of small space interior design then welcome to this bright and well planned apartment that exudes peace and quiet, despite its central location in the middle of Vaasa. The apartment rooms are well planned and each square meter used in the best possible way. This small apartment has only 41.5 square meters, but you have to admit that it looks awesome. The apartment heart must be considered the bright living room, that has a sofa where all friends can huddle up in front of the TV and in a corner a practical workplace where creativity flows freely. The large windows create an open and airy feeling as rays of the sun pours in. – Found on Alvhemmakler


Swedish Inspiration – White Apartment In Goteborg

The Swedes never cease to amaze us with their extensive use of white and their fine details that have been refined to perfection for their home interiors. Large windows that allow lots of light, contemporary furniture and everything sitting in the right place, these are all things that define the minimalist theme of any Swedish apartment that has made here on Freshome. And while some would think it’s not suited for their lifestyle, it’s the simple, yet sophisticated flavor that makes it unique. The one we’re looking at is a 94 sqm charming duplex apartment located in Göteborg’s main park and recreation area, Slottsskogen. Lovely! – via


Vibrant Two-Floor Apartment In Stockholm’s Gamla Stan

A picturesque property from the 1600s in Stockholm’s scenic Old Town was the “context” for developing a modern apartment spiced up with classic details. Discovered on Skeppsholmen, this fascinating Scandinavian duplex has a total surface of 112 square meters and three rooms. On the bottom level there is a large hallway, which leads towards the main bedroom as well as to a large storage space for clothes and shoes.


Vivid Apartment With Charming Colorful Interiors

It is amazing how adding just a few colorful decorating items can transform a dull apartment into a vivid and youthful crib. Here is a home that feels alive and this is especially due to the fact that it features a few colorful items that stand out and disrupt the “common” feel that this apartment would otherwise inspire. The focal point of the loft is a spacious and charming living room, a perfect place for parties or friend gatherings. Wide enough to include a dining table and a reading corner, this interior is brightened up by the unusual paintings on the wall and the playful sofa pillows. The bedroom is absolutely delightful with its overall white design (white walls, sheets and closets), contrasted by the youthful colorful paintings. The bedroom is connected to a mesmerizing balcony which completes the overall playful image of this apartment.


Futuristic Simulated Highlights Defining Apartment On Stubbs Road, Hong Kong

Apartment on Stubbs Road is an advanced venture finished by NC Design & Architecture in Hong Kong, China. The private space accompanies an aggregate surface of 2700 square feet (250 square meters) and components curvilinear dividers and simulated highlights. By utilizing an inconspicuous shading palette in dim and white, the designers made an unbiased background for the beautiful Scandinavian furniture components. Delicate and homogenous illumination originating from the three extemporized simulated sky facing windows traces the first geometry of the apartment.


Bright And Cozy Swedish Apartment Displaying Charming Decors

Welcome to a delightful Swedish apartment, displaying a happy general style and motivating shading increases. With an aggregate surface of 70 square meters, the place displays a decent design and tall roofs, giving the impression of space. The moderately little home found on Alvhem is situated in the prevalent Vasastan region of Gothenburg, in a charming turn of the century building. With a substantial overhang toward the east, a redesigned kitchen with a modern design, a liberally measured living room and a cozy bedroom, this home impeccably meets the living needs of a couple or a little family.


Amazing: Old Factory Turned Into Twin Lofts In Milan

Twin Lofts is an incredible architecture project located in the southern part of Milan from Federico Delrosso. What was once a factory became an impressive residential complex, “a single-cell organism divided into two volumes structurally identical and  internally similar but opposite”. The residence of these twin homes are the architect, Federico Delrosso and Alessandro Sartori, a renowned Italian fashion designer. Here is more information: “The ground floors of the two lofts, each comprise the mirrored halls, open kitchens, and the apertures onto the small private gardens, a long table with high seating, a bathroom and the staircase that goes up to the floors above.”

“Working with similar components I made interiors with various spirits. In the first, truth be told, the staircase is the solid element,  on account of its volumes (which incorporate the bathroom), the crude material (cured iron) with exposed welds and the risers of the stairs left empty, so that as you go up your point of view changes and the staircase is helped and gains the consistency of origami. In the second space, by differentiate, I dematerialized the staircase using precious stone for the treads and transforming the supporting structure into a straightforward white ventured line (painted iron)  which created upwards.” We think this thought of turning an old factory into a home is sustainable and daring. Furthermore, as we are looking through the final products, we can’t resist the urge to welcome this venture much more. How would you find it?