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Minimalist Bathroom Furniture U-(you)

The U-(you) bathroom furniture looks like a tilted U and is aimed at a cost-conscious target group with an individual taste. In order to keep production costs low, the production process was reduced to two steps. First the CNC surface finish, followed by thermal moulding. Thanks to their smooth surface the pieces of furniture are easy to assemble and clean. To further enhance the ease of cleaning, 6-mm spacers were developed for wall mounting. In conclusion the U-(you) bathroom furniture has a simple and minimalistic design that looks very good. The U-(you) bathroom furniture is manufactured by Kolpsan


Elegant Bathroom Design : Suave Bathtub From Lacava

The bathroom was originally designed to be purely functional place, but now it’s a place for pleasure and luxury. Elegance, softness, and sophistication are the keywords for bathroom decor. The Suave bathtub from Lacava is an elegant tub that has the capacity of approximately 40 gallons and the bathtub is dressed with the floor mounting hardware. Besides this, the tubs are available in wooden finish. The tubs come with the countertops which are sold separately. The price of the bathtub varies depending on the tub style, usually ranging from $1,200 to $8,625.


Mosaic Tiles : A Fresh Bathroom Look

Just take a look at these amazing glass tiles!  Wouldn’t you like your bathroom to look like a huge, beautiful and inspiring…puzzle? With plenty of playful pictures, most of them based on nature motifs, these amazing mosaic tiles are sure to leave anyone that enters your bathroom for the first time speechless.  Some of the designs are 3D, which creates an even stronger sensation of an outdoor dimension brought to your home. The designs are very durable and resist the mishaps of the weather in case you would like improve the look of your outdoor shower for example. They come from Spanish company Home Tone


Bathroom Ideas – The Ultimate Design Resource Guide

Bathrooms are one of the most popular and commonly remodeled rooms in the home. And since they are a high-traffic space (and one where updates are noticeable), doing so can have a significant effect on resale value.

When starting a bathroom remodeling project think about utility as well as design. Bathrooms are often difficult jobs because multiple components must be arranged to fit–and function–in a small space. There’s also multiple water elements so doing the project correctly, from plumbing to ventilation, is imperative.


Shower Mirror Which Prevents Condensation “Reflect”

When it comes to bathroom mirrors, condensation is a real drag, isn’t it? “Reflect” is an innovative design which acts both as a shower head and a mirror. “Reflect’ shower head comes from Nick Paget, an industrial design teacher and we found the unusual shower mirror idea presented in detail here. You probably want to know what is the system behind this design and how can a mirror not fog-up during a hot water shower. The idea couldn’t be simpler: the incoming water warms up the mirror surface and this way condensation is prevented. “Reflect” makes things easier for those shaving in the shower- and particularly for the ones who sing and need an audience. The design is made from recyclable aluminum and we also found a price for it: $295. This is a creative design that should rise a lot of hype, so we are ex



10 Insights Into The Design Mind Of Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck is one of the most prolific designers of our time. He has turned his hand to practically everything there is, from hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs, to furniture, tableware, baggage, kitchens and even nutrition. Often regarded as the bad boy of design, Starck is known for his witty reinterpretation of everyday objects and anyone who has had the pleasure of being in the same room as him will undoubtedly find him extremely engaging and most definitely entertaining.


Arya : Ultra Modern Bathroom Faucet From Bandini

Born at the sign of a perfect balance between innovation, shape and functinality, the Arya modern faucets represent the top of the production range of Bandini. Arya is a wall-mounted design that allows water to fall in a wide, refreshing stream. These faucets from Bandini are suitable for modern interiors. Available from Bandini, the Arya is for those with a discerning feel for cutting-edge design.


Bathroom Sink Glows In Dark

Meltdown sink by Italy’s WET STUDIO is a sleek addition to any minimalist bath. The Meltdown sink is made of 100% recycable & light-weight polyethylene. A special “teflon” treatment to the tooling made it possible to obtain an important improvement to its superficial quality, gathering an almost shining effect with a dirt-free surface.


Exceptional Shell Bathtub & Wash Basin Meant To Induce Comfort And Good Vibes

In our every day scan for provocative designs, we discovered this in vogue bathroom team by Innsbruck-based Nina Mair. With an extraordinary love for detail, the designer makes things meant to blend individuals at an enthusiastic level. The Shell Bathtub is a sensitive walnut tub characterized by an abnormal state of comfort and advancement: ” The barometrical and warm wood delivers an exceptionally stylish satisfaction. Shell Bathtub establishes an alluring connection, some time before it is loaded with heated water and unwinding oils, to ruin its proprietor with the extravagance spa encounter.”