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Inspired By An Egg’s Perfect Shape : VOV Bathtub By Mastella Design

Inspired by an egg’s perfect shape Mastella Design created VOV, a collection of large and comfortable bathtubs with an unique shape. The VOV Bathtub is made from a single block of white K-plan: a compact, smooth, resistant material that is pleasant to the touch and quick and easy to clean. Mastella Design is the new brand which Mastella S.r.l., a company operating in the bathroom furnishing sector for over 25 years, dedicates to its top collections: high-fashion design products that blend creativity, quality and functionality. The VOV Bathtub was designed for the pleasure of a relaxing and regenerating bath. As you can see from the pictures presented below the bathtub comes in two colors : white and black .. a colour as much elegant and trendy as it is unusual for a bathtub.


Jungle Collection By Ceramica Cielo: Fashion For The Bathroom

In the fashion world, patterns go back and forth truly as snappy as the seasons change. One moment it’s about shading obstructing, the following everybody is going distraught for pastel hues, stripes or ribbon. The patterns that we see on the catwalk regularly tend to channel through to interior design, whether that be the hues, designs, prints, surfaces or materials. Nonetheless, the items that appear to be most affected by the fashion world are generally textures, backdrops and other delicate decorations. We don’t normally tend to think of sanitaryware as being liable to the regular changes of the fashion world.


Swiveling Rings Hiding Function And A Creative Concept: Orbit Sink 

Rotating around a metal point, Corian rings shape an awesome present day sink called the Orbit Sink. Imagined by industrial designer Alessandro Isola as a contemporary design alternative that lights up spaces with its smooth elegance, this energizing sink design draws inspiration from the effortlessness of a chamber. Utilizing cuts of Corian to shape three swiveling hovers beneath the sink, the designer imagined a chrome ring at the best that acts like a towel rail. The swiveling spine conceals drainage, allowing the sink to be installed anywhere and still look exceptional.


Cirrus MVR: The Transformer Among The Bathrooms

The imaginative and exceptionally space-cognizant bathroom designed by Michael Trudgeon simply won the 2008 honors of the Reese Bathroom Innovation in Australia. What’s more, all things considered, as well. Named Cirrus MVR, the sumptuous and finish bathroom overlays up into a straightforward and moderate rack when not being used and in this manner saves money on space extraordinarily. Its design additionally enables you to spare water that generally squanders. In reality as we know it where urban space and unadulterated water are both winding up noticeably exceptionally costly products, Cirrus MVR is an awesome resource that looks current. – by means of