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Amusing Bog Standard Oak Toilet Seat With Roll Holder By Henry Franks

We’ve seen a lot of exceptional things that really end up being very valuable yet we’ve never observed anything like this! Amusing, practical and well, let’s be honest, rich, Bog Standard is an oak toilet seat with an inherent toilet paper holder. In other words, a clever and ingenious adornment that adds a touch of enjoyable to your bathroom. Ok, perhaps “rich” isn’t the correct word to utilize while describing a toilet seat, all things considered. Anyway, the surprising and intriguing embellishment was designed as a joke, an examination to see “how the mechanics of funniness can be utilized to enhance regular articles”. The mastermind behind the venture is Henry Franks, an item designer situated in Oxford, United Kingdom.


Autumn-Themed Wall Murals Celebrate The Season

Autumn is here, bringing with it the profound oranges, dynamic reds and splendid yellows of the turning takes off. The group at PIXERS decided that this shading palette wasn’t just for the outdoors, so they chose to bring it home. The company’s new gathering of eight autumn-themed wall murals incorporates pleasant scenes and realistic minor departure from vivid clears out. We cherish the basic way these beautiful increases can change the vibe of a room.


Why You Must Absolutely Paint Your Walls Gray

Gray is the hot new “in” shading. It’s as of late taken up front, upstaging it’s neutral cousins, taupe, beige and ivory. Gray is the little black dress for your home. It’s the new must have essential shading that’s current and tense yet immortal and classic. It’s the ideal chameleon as it suits pretty much every room, each temperament and each setting.


This Human Habitat Floats With The Tides

This Veetee (“Water Way”) structure began as an examination. Architecture group EKA Sisearhitektuur worked in collaboration with a late spring school program organized by the Estonian Academy of Arts Interior Architecture Department. This venture brought understudies from Estonia, Iceland, Denmark, Latvia, and Lithuania together to create this floating human habitat.


Playful Kukumuku Restaurant In Vilnius Specially Designed For Families With Kids

Kukumuku, a restaurant designed in a playful way by Plazma Architecture Studio enhances the inventive soul and difficulties you to… play alongside your kids! The exciting spot is situated in the very heart of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania and gives careful consideration to what kids need. Light, warmth,colours and the positive general climate speak to key components that make this place a brilliant domain, appropriate for families with kids. Kukumuku is partitioned in the few areas: eating territory, cupcake bar, theater and exceptional playing spots. Despite the evident space impediments, kids can play uninhibitedly all around the main space.