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Elegant Kasokudo Bonsai Planter Inspired By The Automotive Industry

A striking combination of frame and capacity, the Kasokudo Bonsai Planter by designer Adrian Magu is more or less polished. The item is an imaginative portrayal of the developer’s interest for everything green and his work in the automotive industry: “Referencing speed structures and assembling forms utilized as a part of transportation design, this piece compares development connected to what is typically a static protest.” The unusual shape and elegant dark dim outline makes this unpredictable bonsai planter fit superbly in current interiors with a turn.


Raw And Sophisticated Design For Tough Mudder’s Brooklyn Headquarters

Working in a modern office should induce an understanding of the brand through the surrounding design. Clients who step inside the offices should be able to describe what you do and how you do it just by absorbing the colors, shapes and work atmosphere. M Moser Associates, who specialize in offering companies integrated workplace solutions. Designed as an open, flexible cluster of spaces for a rapidly growing company, the office headquarters compose a dynamic landscape of collaborative interaction.


Classic Lighting With A Unique Modern Spin: Windfall Crystal Chandeliers

Munich based lighting brand Windfall has “invaded” lodgings, fashion and jewelry boutiques internationally. Lighting specialists Clarissa Dorn and Roel Haagmans take classic structures and add their own particular modern spin. Instead of having the lighting integrated in the chandelier, they have it lit from above so it turns out to be almost similar to adornments for the lighting. Think of Windfall lighting as the earrings that draw your outfit together.