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Modern Kitchen Inspiration

Modern kitchen design inspiration comes after I’ve started Bedroom Inspiration series that now is at #4 set of pictures today I’ve decided that I should concentrate also on other rooms, and I’ve selected the kitchen. Like in Bedroom Inspiration series Kitchen Inspiration will be a collection of beautiful kitchen pictures for your inspiration. Today let’s see some moder kitchens .. enjoy !


Classic Home Ideas From Central Kitchen & Bath

We found this original collection of kitchen interiors from Central Kitchen & Bath. Even though there is a large variety you can observe while admiring  these arrangements, one common thing is noticeable. The furniture and atmosphere reminds one of a pre-modern era, without flashy furniture, LCD monitors or fancy lighting.  The pendant lamps and chandeliers stand out due to their antique look, wooden furniture with sculpted patterns make you think twice about the year we’re in and a few decorating items seem to be perfectly blended in the overall thematic design and even increase its effects. All the chairs have an interesting metallic back and there seems to be plenty of storage space available in any of the cupboard units. For those o you who enjoy classic furniture, we hope we’ve given you a taste of how a kitchen can be transformed.


Elegant Wave-Shaped Handle For Minimalist Contemporary Kitchens

This elegant wave-shaped handle was particularly designed to adjust to present day kitchens and include a chic touch regardless of what the picked design conspire. Noma by Viefe is a discrete thing, for the most part because of its inconsequential thickness of just 1.2mm, making it practically unnoticeable amidst a bedroom set. In the meantime it emerges because of its suggestive wave-motivated minimalist forms.


Round Modern Kitchen Countetops From Pedini

Pedini round kitchen countetops could turn into another pattern in kitchens design, due to super ergonomic innovations, a dazzling insignificant look and the round ledge that gives an amazing measure of conceivable outcomes. Isn’t that cool when you can achieve your stove, racks, ice chest, cutting board and other stuff expected to cook without making a stage? At long last I can state that the Pendini kitchens are so lovely and a la mode that you’ll need to invest more energy in your kitchen than any time in recent memory before.


How To Install A Mosaic Backsplash In Two Hours Or Less [Video]

We got an official statement about a practical do-it-without anyone else’s help unit that encourages you install a mosaic backslash in your home the easy way. Here is the information we were sent: “The DIY Network Backsplash Kit is an innovative ready to utilize tile pack for home change. The pack, concentrated on the remodeling of the kitchen backsplash, includes all the tools necessary to install 15 sq/ft glass mosaic backsplash in two hours or less. The DIY Network Backsplash Kit uses another peel and stick innovation specially designed for glass mosaics and a pre-blended ready-to-utilize grout. It is simply the real do-it item and can be applied over almost any kind of smooth surface. No concrete, no untidy powders to blend are required, simply peel the defensive film from the back of the tile, stick the mosaic onto the wall, grout, clean and you’re finished. The item is available in eight colors for purchase online and two colors for purchase at chose Lowe’s and Do it Best stores”. The pack was produced by Surfaces Southeast in collaboration with DIY Network. Check out the video to perceive how it works! For further inspiration, also look at our current post on creative backsplash ideas. 


Kitchen Cupboard With A Clue On What’s Inside, Milan 2010

We found this “revealing” cupboard in the  kitchen section and we found it to be a cool item worthy of being shared. The product is very simple and has pale colors, which make it easily adaptable to a variety of kitchen interiors. What is truly notable about this design is the idea behind it: a kitchen cupboard with painted doors so that even if they are closed, it seems one is able to see through them. This is the sort of simple but efficient idea which easily gains attention and becomes popular among users in search for something different. What do you think of it? Do you find this kitchen cupboard intriguing or much too plain?