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Innovative Treehouse Takes Glamping To A Higher Level

If you get a kick out of the chance to associate with nature without sacrificing the extravagances of a relaxing end of the week retreat, you can now have the best of the two universes, thanks to this sustainable venture from Belgian company Trees and People

Dom’Up is an octagonal structure that is suspended between two trees. The innovative treehouse creates an outdoors experience similar to glamping but has no effect on the environment, leaving no trace on the trees or the ground once the unit is deconstructed. 

The unit can be constructed in two days. The treehouse is composed of a steel frame, composite wood floors and canvas walls, which can be tied up to let in light or pulled down for privacy. The 172-square-foot structure has a waterproof double roof and is even equipped with a safety net.

The aesthetic of the treehouse is simple and natural, yet still designed with attention to detail. The upscale structure is perfect for a backyard staycation, giving you the chance to recharge in nature while relaxing in the comforts of home.

source: fresh home

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