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Originally Integrating Musical Influences In Your Kitchen: The Guitar Sink

We might want to devote this post to every one of you guitar fans out there who consider washing dishes a drag. Despite the fact that a guitar sink – as original as it might be-can not change this circumstance, it can definitely bring a merry touch to the procedure. Manufactured by an inventive mind at Pearidge Concrete & Crafts, this is the kind of design that leaves a lot of room for further improvising-simply imagine what number of shapes you could make with a decent looking ledge and some carving abilities!

According to the designer, the story behind the unusual guitar sink goes like this: “The client needed a sink for outdoor use and wanted a custom one of a kind piece. This is an outdoor sink sitting on a custom rustic cabinet made from salvaged wood from older homes. It is 8 foot long, with lots of counter top space”.  Seems easy enough, right? Even though these particular models were especially developed for the great outdoors, we can’t see any reason why any of them cannot adorn a modern kitchen, can you?

source: fresh home

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