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Provoking Money-Burning Table: “Too Much?” By Alejandro Monge

dining table made of a glass cube containing partially burnt 50 €uro bills and with a thin biofuel flame rising above its surface. The artist meticulously reproduced banknotes from paper using a hyper-realistic technique, and simulated the effect of the burning fire sculpting and petrifying ashes with resin.

What is the value of money? “An euro bill by itself is a mere tinted paper representing a figure; 20, 50, 100 … and has no more value than the time invested to get it. We just seek to exchange it for a desired object or experience. The artwork suggests a reflection about the significance and value of money, time and people. That is the reason why the work is done entirely with paper, hand colored and glued together one by one”, explained artist Alejandro Monge. The most complicated part of the process is to simulate the effect of the burnt paper without actually using fire. Have a look at the video above to see how the designer achieves this process!

source: fresh home

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