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Surprising Edwardian Building Renovation In Australia: The Brick House

Looking for another design dialect, Clare Cousins Architects imagined an original looking home entitled Brick House and situated in Prahran, Victoria, Australia. The venture is an expansion and renovation to a single fronted Edwardian-style dwelling. Protection from looming neighboring pads was one of the main solicitations said in the proprietor’s concise, which is the reason two new structures were imagined to case a private focal patio space between them. In spite of its imposing, seemingly shut exterior, the Brick House can be defined as upbeat and inviting.

A healthy lifestyle is induced through the clever layout and good indoor-outdoor connection: “Designed for a young family the house caters for their needs now and in the future. A flexible space, referred to as the studio, is housed on top of the new garage forming a double story mass at the rear of the site to help screen large neighboring buildings. The single story addition to the house engages with the garden with its meandering facade of glass and brick”. Have a look at the photo gallery below and let us know what you believe are the details that make this place a home! [Photos by Shannon McGrath]



source: fresh home

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