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Double Chaise Longue, A Comfy Adaptable Armchair

Sand & Birch have as of late launched the Double Armchair, an original furniture piece with an abnormal state of solace. Here is more from the official public statement: Did you ever ponder about how primitives may elegantly have a nap after long and exhausting chasing and natural product picking days? Maybe the main chaise longue in history looked simply like this: a colossal dinosaur bone abandoned by a predator – or maybe covered by a glaciation – found by men and decorated with leather to fill in as a relaxing sofa after buckling down. Double chaise longue is secured with alcantara or delicate leather, and edged at the edges with huge leather seams. It is a comfortable, roomy and entertaining chaise longue, idealize both for maybe a couple people. We think the armchair has a fun and creative appearance and would go great in a large variety of present day interiors. How would you discover it?